Wowapp at my PR laboratory

I thought for a long time to include this project in the general list of crypto social networks with which our @CryptoSocio team works in Telegram, or not?

There were all kinds of doubts, but recently I once again drew attention to this project and realized that it meets all the basic requirements.

Firstly, it is a social network. Moreover, Wowapp has its own quite good messenger, which the company has long been promoting. Here, too, you can and should add friends, as in any social network thanks to this tool.

By the way, Telegram is also a social network, and as soon as Telegram token is launched, it will also be included in our list immediately.

Secondly. By the way, about the token. The social network with Wowapp has its own coin, which is called WowCoin and has a constant rate of 1 WowCoin = 1 ¢ (US $). You can withdraw your earnings by PayPal, credit card or bank account.

Thirdly. In this social network, there is a system of levels and rewards, not only for attracting new participants, but also for other activities.

So, I see absolutely no obstacles in order to include this project in our work.

By the way, there is also an online store and many other very interesting chips.

Therefore, as always, I invite those who have not yet joined the project – click on the invitation link in the Wowapp project and invite your friends to participate in it.

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