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Now it is difficult to imagine exactly how the first neural network will look and work, but you can fantasize as much as you want.

If, for example, Neuralink of Elon Musk implies the fusion of the brain and computer, that is, the implantation of electrodes in the human brain, then on the one hand it becomes a little scary.

On the other hand, this is the only way to make a permanent connection between the artificial and human mind, read the data from the human brain and record them on digital media, and vice versa.

It seems to me, that this is a matter of time, and what today looks unaccustomed, tomorrow will become the norm of life. It is enough to pass any public transport stop and you will see that people are already in this neural network, only the electrodes are not in the brain, but in the mobile gadget in their hands.

Soon it will become inconvenient for us to “keep brains in our hands”, and implantation of foreign bodies into ours will become quite familiar. Already now there are some people have been stuffed with them just like cyborgs, but for some medical reasons. In the future, as I see it, it will become quite common for all people.

Now let’s consider the following point. Perhaps, for everyone it becomes obvious that the crypto social networks, projects created on the technology of the blockchain and on the decentralized platforms, will supplant the traditional networks in the very near future.

And owners of traditional networks, if not rebuilt in the shortest time, can calmly prepare to announce the closure of their projects, despite all their apparent success and imaginary profitability. By the way, here there are real signs of reorientation.

I’m not only referring to the already ridiculous throwing of Facebook “from the crypto and back”, but more thoughtful actions, for example, the social network Linkdin, which began active cooperation with the project Indorse and others.

Taking into account all the above, the participants of the @CryptoSocio project have one more interesting mission. They will not only reach the position of whales in existing crypto social networks, but they can also become a transitional link from crypto social networks to neural networks. And to be active supporters of not only cryptosystem, but also neural networks of the future.

In principle, now we absolutely do not care how to use communication methods for coordination and successful promotion in social networks. We easily use Telegram, Discord, and even WOWapp in our work.

We understand the algorithm of actions and the crypto social networks themselves and our actions in them. Literally in the next few days we will close @CryptoSocio for outsiders and only those who are already participating in the project will remain in it.

For all newcomers, in about six months or a little bit more, I hope, the current participants of the project will be able to open their training virtual groups somewhere on the Web. For example, I have already opened one on Telegram for all those who wish. Without any hesitation, it was called @CryptoSocio2. It can be found by anyone interested in moving to crypto networks and joining it. But I repeat, the start @CryptoSocio2 will only be at the beginning of the next fall. While there will probably be some training, communication on the topic of crypto social networks, etc.

As I see it, all these faucets, airdrops, giveaways, cloud mining and other tools for the acquisition and multiplication of crypto-currencies that are relevant for today will very soon become a thing of the past. Undoubtedly, mining will remain, but it will be available only to professional organizations, business groups, companies or will require much more investment than today.

On the other hand, I expect a huge influx of new users into crypto social networks. Especially in the light of the fact that the same Elon Musk plans to bring the Internet to every corner of the planet. And it’s already being done today, not tomorrow. And this is no longer a fantasy.

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