A few tips to crypto bloggers

Yesterday the first participants in my training group @CryptoSocio2 appeared on Telegram, so there is an occasion to write this post and give some general advices, in order not to retell everything again.

By the way, you probably know that the supergroup format in Telegram allows you to re-read all previously published information, so I recommend starting with this.

1. Re-read everything previously published in your supergroup, read the correspondence. In the questions of other users and the answers to them you can find a lot of interesting things. As I said above, @CryptoSocio2 and @CryptoSocio work in this format. True, @CryptoSocio from March 1 will go into closed mode and there will not be strangers, but the training group will highlight the most interesting moments, too.

2. Do not waste time on traditional social networks. These are my last publications in them. I’m still trying to drag my friends into crypto social projects, but I will not do it anymore. It’s almost the same as trying to pull people away from the TV. Someone is comfortable to live with it and do not have to try to invade their personal life. Everyone has the right to choose. This is their choice. Leave them alone. Focus your attention on those who are interested in what you are doing, what you are writing about, and on what has the Future.

3. Optimize your daily routine. Once again, look how the time is spent-the most precious resource that you have. Be sure to find in it a reserve in order to work more qualitatively and organized, but do not forget that we are not yet cyborgs, and we also need time for the soul, for communication with our loved ones and for recreation.

4. Stop investing in stone, wood and iron. Do not buy stone coffins, which are traditionally called flats. And even more so, do not do their repairs. Leave this case to someone for whom this business. Let them improve better in creating more comfortable conditions for us. Believe me, in due course they will better get to optimize your home. Bad businessmen will somehow leave this market, they will be eliminated by competition. You must be mobile, try to adapt quickly to new conditions, to use new opportunities, which will be more and more. In other words, be mobile. Be ready to change your whole life in half a minute.

5. Think over more about how to invest in yourself. Invest more in your knowledge, in your skills, and naturally, in your health. The appearance of a quantum computer, of course, will greatly facilitate this task. But even it can not replace exactly your actions to strengthen and preserve your body and brain. Therefore, do not put it off for the Future, do the maximum possible in this direction and maintain a good physical condition every day. Watch it, today there is a lot of technical possibilities for this. Try not to get on the medical conveyor. Medicine will never be frank with you. It has its own interests. Learn English, if it’s not your native language. All other languages ​​in the near future will be only historical features. Have you smiled? Well, then compare the volumes of important and useful information (not translations and rewrites!) coming in this language and on your own. You are an intelligent person and you will understand everything. Nobody takes away your native language, I just put emphasis.

6. Try to keep abreast of what is really happening. Leave all these political shows and trolls in peace. Do not waste time with them. Do not even read anything on political topics. All these performances are paid for by those who are interested in it. There are no nationalities, there is the only nationality – an Earthman. And there is another status – an idiot. No more. It’s not important where you live, but how you act in everyday life. Understand that politicians need to feed their families too, and to feed well. They are forced to do what they do. But that does not mean you have to spend your time on them. Just imagine for a moment that everything that is now left to politicians, judges, administrations, etc. one day will be transferred to the management of Artificial Intelligence. And this is already beginning to happen here and there. In this case, you will be very sorry that you have given such things your most precious resource.

7. Keep track of your financial security and safety. In principle, you know what to do. Therefore, here my advice is hardly needed. I’m not talking about banks in this case. About the dead – or well, or in any way.

I do not know how seriously you take in all these tips. For sure, someone will say that this is all nonsense and it’s not known when it will be. In this situation, agree. Do not waste time arguing. Remember, time is your most precious resource and your only trump card in this life. Although they say that time does not exist either.

These were general recommendations. More specific tips on the work you will find in the training group. Good luck, you are on the right track.

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