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I can not name the exact number of traditional social networks that exist today. But since I have been in this topic since 2003, I have definite ideas. In my opinion, there are several hundred of such projects on the Web. It means not those that exist formally or with difficulty maintain their existence, but rather actively develop. Although it is more correct to say that they do not develop, they have evolved, for I am absolutely convinced that if they do not switch to blockchain or at least start to reward users for activity with the help of the cryptocurrency, then their days are numbered.

In turn, from these several hundreds, our @CryptoSocio group will focus on working with no more than 50 projects. By the way, now about this project, and also about @CryptoSocio2 you can find information using a special banner on the right side of the site Levelnaut.com

There is no doubt that Empowr will be one of those sites that will be included in this number. Even though it was not created with the help of a blockchain platform, but based on traditional technologies.

There are several reasons for this. Firstly, it’s never too late to move to a blockchain and a project with a good team can always do it. But the psychology of owners and administration is extremely difficult to change. And if the same Facebook, rather than just close, than begin to share income with users, others do it very willingly, realizing that this is the future.

Secondly, today Empowr is oriented not only to users reward, but also to content. In order to start working with this project there is no need to buy any shares or make investments at all. It is enough to supply high-quality content, talk about it to friends and help newcomers. Then you are guaranteed promotion here.

Thirdly. Empowr has not only an excellent users base, but a very good coaching system, and there are many possible additional opportunities for growth. If we talk about boosters, which are also one of the important elements in crypto-social networks, they also exist here.

Fourth. Another point that is taken into account in crypto projects is the power of voice or influence. To increase this figure on Empowr is also possible.

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