Is it worth to sit on faucets?

I thought I already do not ask such questions. But I went to one famous forum and almost immediately saw a branch with this name. At first I wanted to answer one of the messages, but then changed my mind and decided to write this small post.

I’m pretty sure that all Web users who are interested in crypto currency have gone through such a phenomenon as faucets. Just some hung on them, others found for themselves more interesting niches in this business.

At once I will say that I see nothing bad in faucets, unlike the monsters who give their smart recommendations on the forums. They say that people are not engaged in nonsense, do not waste time and so on.

But the thing is that everyone has his own level of mastering the crypto-currency business, his own regime of the day and his own characteristics of character. Therefore, it is not entirely correct to speak with an intelligent view about what is beneficial and what is not. It all depends on the situation.

Even now, when I have much more profitable things to do, more serious ways of getting coins, I sometimes fill in small pauses in my, fairly intense time management, visits to the faucets.

Yes, of course, it’s only a few moments during the day. And of course, the revenues from these faucets have almost no value. But this is a kind of tribute to what began the journey into the crypt world, a reminder of how important time is in this business, and sometimes even just the opportunity to think about something quietly.

I’m not going to say what exactly I’m using faucets in this situation. You can easily find them on my website by clicking the “Best Crypto Projects” banner, for example. For beginners, this selection will be much more useful.

Although even I advise them to pay attention to another banner that is located just above, and on which is written CryptoSocio project.

By the way, at one time cfaucets were quite a profitable occupation and almost an obligatory point in the beginning of a career for everyone who reads these lines.

It is difficult to say that today it is profitable or unprofitable. The world of crypto currency is still extremely unstable. But, as I said many times to newbies who came into business – it’s not what you do that’s important, but whether you believe in what you are doing.

In the second case, the necessary knowledge and experience will somehow come. But if you do not believe in crypto, then it does not matter where you start – from mining, from the exchange or from investing in ICO. Nothing will help you. And the catch will always be that blue bird of luck that you can not catch.

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