Cases in Crypto Blogging

To begin with, let’s define for ourselves what a case is. On the Internet, you can find the following explanation for this concept. Case is a set of circumstances or conditions; a situation requiring investigation or action

Now let’s try to find out what value they have for the cryptoblogger and consider the work with cases in practice.

But first, I’ll tell you one story, one of my cases. Once I had a website, now it does not matter how it was called. All my friends, who had their own websites and even monsters of ceo-optimization were amazed at how I made it visited and achieved high scores … without spending any money on promotion.

In fact, the secret of this success was very simple and was in the fact that I asked other Internet users to tell me about some cases or stories. Basically, people told about some funny episodes, but also there were many unusual, inexplicable and interesting cases.

Virtually nobody refused from completely voluntary, unpaid participation in the project. Tsome of them were quite well-known personalities, some were not famous at all, but situations were very extraordinary. And some people were just good storytellers. By the way, some of them even became … writers. Yes exactly. Of course, at first I helped them to edit their texts a little, but then they themselves learned to do it very well.

A few years ago, for some reason, I had to close this website, although it seems that somewhere its backup has been preserved. The fact is that such projects require serious teamwork. But with this at that time, was a big problem. Everyone with whom I at that time had worked or communicated could not feel the concept.

But now I would like to talk not about this website, but about cases in cryptoblogging.

Of course, as always, today it is advantageous to write posts about beautiful places, about sights, about the peculiarities of this or that place. In other words, the description in cryptoblogging is a very helpful and profitable thing.

But if we talk about triggers, that really attracts readers’ attention, these are, of course, cases. That is, those cases that occurred with you, with your friends, in the course of this or that situation, household activity, etc. Also, all kinds of teaching cases work perfectly. They also always had a demand, and there will be even more.

The fact is that the era of the big date and artificial intelligence has come. As you understand with Artificial Intelligence, no cases can occur. But Artificial Intelligence excellently knows how to process, generalize and dispassionately analyze the cases.

And this is very important. The more initial information is available, the more successfully problems and issues will be solved in all spheres of our life. That’s why cases are a very profitable tool. And in cryptoblogging especially. This is one of the important missions of the cryptoblogger – to work with cases.

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