This is only the first product of the already well-known crypto project Synereo. But we can say right now that the idea of ​​WildSpark was very creative and it provided a successful start to the social network.

First of all, it should be noted that WildSpark came to the market with its coin, called AMP. It is already traded on some well-known exchanges.

The essence of the project is very simple. It consists in amplifying the published content. Or to make it more clear, the project itself is one big booster of both copyright content and just interesting network information. Promoting it, you can earn crypto currency.

If you have a desire to promote your own content, then you can do it with your own broadcast channels on YouTube, Medium or Imgur. That is, you also need to have your accounts there, or you need to register on these websites.

During the connection of my channel on the Medium, I had a small problem. I did not understand where and how to insert the code that WildSpark sends to verify the personal channel and get WildSpark Creator status. I applied to Eli Wrightman, Community and Support Manager, and received such an answer from him.

“Hi Boris, You can go to your Medium profile and click Edit. From there you can edit your profile and add that code. Send me a link to your Medium once that is done and we’ll link it to your WildSpark account. Please let me know if you any further questions.All the best, Eli Wrightman,Community and Support Manager”

After that, my channel on the Medium was verified in a matter of minutes and I could easily broadcast from it not only this material to WildSpark, but many others. And the link that is assigned to each article can be shared by myself and other project participants. And doing that we can earn AMP coin.

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