Curation in crypto social networks

In my previous articles, I have repeatedly mentioned the factors that occur in many today’s crypto social networks. Once again, I will briefly mention them, in order to refresh both in my own and in your memory.

Usually in similar projects, in addition to the main feature – the social network itself, there are also such as:

– reward system
– availability of your token (or temporary substitute)
– the power of the user’s voice (influence)
– boosters

Today I want to name one more, practically obligatory attribute, which can be called a system of curatorship.

The fact is that the user’s reward for any of his activities should occur on some basis. That is, someone should assess how effective your project is for this project, so that you can later calculate the reward in the form of a local token. It is for such cases that there is a system of supervision.

This system of curatorship can have a variety of forms – from likes and upvotes, to commentaries and reposts.

For example, in Steemit social network, the curator system is a whole line of activity with its own pools, groups, criteria, etc.

There are similar systems in the social networks GOLOS, Sola, Bitlanders, Medium and many others, where it is necessary to evaluate any content posted by the user or the action he has performed.

Moreover, sometimes for assessing the content of other users, you can get much more profit than when creating your own content (for example in Memeus).

Therefore, even if you do not know how to create your own content, then you still have many variants of earning in crypto social networks. You can not only communicate with your friends and get acquainted with interesting, useful or entertaining information, but also get more for this reward.

And this is all thanks to the system of supervision. Therefore, when you join a new social network, try to take into account this is also an important factor.

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