The idea of ​​monetizing broadcasting on the Internet is not that new. In one way or another, this could already be done. For example, you could create an educational video earlier, post it on YouTube or other sites, and then get paid for it.

But in the YouNow project there are many new interesting features.

First of all, it is a social network where you can communicate with friends and strangers. But unlike traditional projects of this type, there is a reward for users for activity. The truth for this is to have the status of a partner, but the main thing is that there is such an opportunity.

What are the coins and ingots for this project credited for? The answer can be found in the FAQ site. The following is indicated here:

Coins are a form of virtual currency that allows you to send stickers and and likes to your favorite broadcasters.

You can earn coins on YouNow in many ways. Here is rewarded

– Broadcast.

– Active participation. The more time you spend watching, voting and talking, the more coins you will earn.

– Inviting friends to join YouNow. You will earn coins for every person who enters the system from social networks or through invitations via email.

– Logging in every day.

Note that YouNow has two forms of currency: coins and bars. Coins and bars are used for different activities. The main units of the project are bars.

However, you can find out more details on how to earn virtual money on YouNow on the site itself.

The YouNow project also provides for several career levels, the highest of which is the status of a partner. For partners on the site there is a separate site and you can get it only after filling in a special form.

In any case, and this is already obvious, this project has a great future, even taking into account that it is not built on a blockchain platform and its crypto currency is not traded on stock exchanges yet. First of all, a good creative idea and a positive mood are important in our business. And this is in the project YouNow is available.

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