If you have decided to become a crypto blogger, then you need to start somewhere. To do this, you will need a complete list of crypto social networks, which provide incentives for activity.

Such a list is very difficult to find. The fact is that some promising projects of this type have not yet fully switched to crypto currency, while others are only Beta-versions.

Therefore, I suggest you use this list, which, to date, is the most complete https://levelnaut.com/2017/12/19/cryptocurrency-social-networks-list/ and choose from it what suits you most.

here you can also see the names of people who in our group CryptoSocio specialize in each of the projects and study its activities.

In addition, in the nearest future, another list will be added to this one. There will be recorded exactly those projects that are only planning to enter the profile market and made an official statement about it. It will be called the List of Potential Crypto Networks.

It makes no sense to grab work in all social networks right away. It is unlikely that you will succeed. And it’s not even the question of time, although this will be the most important issue.

In some projects, for example, Steemit is not so easy to register. But this is not surprising, because those who work today in the crypto world perfectly understand the prospects of this direction. Therefore, owners of successful social networks simply do not want to miss the obvious benefit and are trying to make money on anything that can be done.

Therefore, it makes sense to look at this list, read reviews about the sites on it (they, by the way, are also on the site levelnaut.com) and only then select for yourselves the most interesting of them.

And then you will find time to understand how exactly the activity of users is rewarded in each of the selected projects, how the supervision is encouraged, what booster systems are available and how to increase their influence. These are the basic moments in almost any of the crypto social networks, but not always there is an opportunity to immediately understand and master them.

Therefore, start with the list. And try to find time in your daily schedule to work with it.

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