About the list of potential crypto networks

Today I want to talk more about the list of potential crypto social networks, the work on which I finished the day before. If you want to read it, please, here’s the link https://levelnaut.com/2018/03/03/list-of-potential-crypto-networks click on it and see everything with your own eyes. And now I will answer the questions that you may have after all that you’ve seen.

The first and most important question is why is this list needed?

As you probably already know, I have decided to specialize in crypto social networks and I have been working with this direction for almost two years (since the joining to Steemit).

I believe that crypto-social networks are much more promising than all these faucets, airdrops, cloud mining and other sources of receiving crypto currency. Mining and trading – this is for more advanced users, and social networks are understandable and accessible to all.

The list of potential networks is needed in order to add projects to the main list, which is located here: https://levelnaut.com/2017/12/19/cryptocurrency-social-networks-list/, and which includes projects with an already running system rewards for activity.

The second question. How complete is this list?

Of course, it is far from complete, but with your help, I will complement it. The fact is that during the preparation of these two lists, I ran into so many low-quality and fraudulent sites that it’s hard to even count them.

Therefore, for me it was important to understand which are more or less real in the nearest future and which are not.

The third question. Why do we need such large lists?

This question is the simplest. I need them for diversification. In other words, I want to be calm for the time and money that I invest in these projects. And if one of them closes, which is inevitable over time, the others will continue to work and I will have some guarantee of preserving the direction as a whole.

Question four. How are you going to cope with all this?

First, with these lists I will work not alone. As you already know, we have a group of enthusiasts in Telegram, called CryptoSocio, which was originally created as a project for mutual support.

But then we just decided to jointly study the work of crypto social networks. However, I’ll write more about this in more detail.

The fifth question. What’s next?

But this question I can not answer yet. I know only that the potential list of crypto social networks I needed to better understand what is happening in the market.

Now there is something to push off from. I hope that these two lists will help other Internet users and, of course, networkers.

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