Crypto networks and diversification

Today I will answer the question that I did not answer before. It’s about diversification and crypto networks. к better to say, why I think that crypto networks are an excellent option for diversifying crypto currency.

For those who do not know, I will remind what diversification is. If you say very simple words, then this is the exact way not to put all the eggs in one basket. In other words, due to diversification, or proper distribution of capital and investments, one can feel more confident in a constantly changing market.

Well, about how often the market of the crypto currency is changing – it’s not necessary to tell anyone today. This is one of the most volatile markets. That’s why it so, on the one hand, frightens the bankers, on the other – attracts them like a magnet.

What is the relation to the diversification of the crypto networks?

I think the most direct. At least, I saw in them what can be an excellent tool for distribution and quiet multiplication of investments.

First, social networks are open public services. With a good promotion, and most importantly, with the quality of the team, there today comes just a huge number of users. To faucets also come a lot, but no one sees it and does not know details. Therefore, shutting down the faucet for any reason is much easier. There will be less outrage and negative reaction from the Internet community. Therefore, crypto networks are more promising in terms of the duration of the validity period. And if you use several dozen projects, the probability of losing absolutely all of them is extremely small. While the growth of investment is quite possible. By the way, in the ICO market today, just a huge number of projects that imply the existence of a community.

Secondly, today crypto currency networks have become very popular phenomenon. In my list, you can already find at least a dozen projects that regularly pay crypto currency to their users for their activity. And at the same time they have excellent prospects for further development. And if Elan Musk manages to realize his plan for an accessible Internet, then the number of users of the Network will increase much. And he, as a rule, copes with his tasks. Do not forget about the category of people 60+, which on the Internet is becoming more. And they, as a rule, are very active in their life position. In other words, you can not even think about the fact that social networks will experience difficulties with the audience. And of course, more people will come to those projects that pay their users for their activity.

Thirdly. This point is very related to the previous one. The fact is that both trading, mining, and other ways of generating income in the crypto currency are not for beginners. To do this, you need to have some training, experience and availability of funds. Social networks do not require all this. They can be interesting and fun to communicate, and there anyone can get a shorter way of a lot of useful information. And today you can earn money there. Tthat i te most important.

This is far from a complete list of arguments that I can give in favor of the prospects of crypto networks in terms of diversification. But I do not think that they need much. Therefore – the decision is yours. I see what is happening today in this way.

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