News and updates of CryptoSocio project

I admit the fact that many of those who read these lines do not yet know about the existence of the CryptoSocio project. Therefore, I will say a few words about what it is.

CryptoSocio is a group of enthusiasts who are interested in crypto social networks and crypto currency earnings in these networks.

We provide mutual support in the promotion, as well as actively exchange news and interesting information about the work of projects that can be attributed to the above category.

More information about the CryptoSocio project can be found on our website Levelnaut (it’s the first in Google search, you’ll find it easily).

Lately, many changes and updates have taken place in our project.

First, from the group were removed bystanders and only those people remained who are really interested in the topic of advancement in cryptosystems and earnings in them.

Secondly, we have prepared a complete list of crypto networks that already exist on the Web, as well as a list of potential networks that for some reason have not yet begun their active operations. We continue to prepare new lists, collect statistics, and do reviews of crypto-currency networks.

Thirdly, we changed the concept of the group itself. To date, the priority in it has become precisely the exchange of information, and not only mutual support. Therefore, anyone who is interested in everything that is described above, can join us at any time. Moreover, we are badly missing people who are familiar with the work of projects near which our nicknames are not specified. It can be easily identified in a complete list of crypto networks.

Fourth. Lately, a lot of articles have been published on a variety of topics: on diversification, on the power of voice and influence, on supervision, on boosterization, on remuneration methods and, of course, on the activity for which this reward occurs. All of them are published on the Levelnaut website in Russian and in English.

Once again I will remind you how to find us and how to join us. All this is written in an article on the Levelnaut website. The first banner on the right side of the site, called @CryptoSocio Project, leads directly to this article. There you will find all the necessary links and instructions.

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