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If you go to the site of the social network Xenzuu, then you may feel that you are on Facebook. But soon this feeling disappears, as this social network belongs to the category Reward.

In our project CryptoSocio, we are considering only such projects that pay their users for activity, so Facebook could not get on our list in any way. After all, there is only one user who is rewarded for his activity, and his name is Mark. Another group are employees, and they get there a salary, while the rest of the users receive nothing for their activity.

Therefore, the most important difference Xenzuu from Facebook is that immediately after registering in Xenzuu you get your BackOffice, which takes into account all your actions and all your rewards. There you can find such sections as Downline, Comissions, Payment, Upgrade. What nice and important names, aren’t they?

All accruals in Xenzuu occur in the so-called Xenzuu Points. In fact, this is the main coin of the project.

In order to understand how you can make money on this website, you nshould go to the FAQ section. The button of this section of the site is at the bottom, on each page. There, you find point 4. Earning money with Xenzuu and everything becomes clear. The fact is that there are several ways to generate income on Xenzuu, so just read each one carefully.

The minimum withdrawal of funds from the project is $25, and you can withdraw to PayPal, Payeer or directly to the bank account.

Also I want to note that there is a Premium membership in the project. That is, in fact, ta kind of booster, which is already well known to all of us.

In other words, on Xenzuu there are absolutely all signs of a crypto social network. Well, the fact that Xenzuu Point is not the coin that is included in CoinCapMarket is a matter of time. To create a coin and to pass through the ICO today is quite simple. But many projects that did this, unfortunately, turned out to be just a fraudulent scheme.

Therefore, sites like Xenzuu have much more chances to become popular than those that collect money from thousands of investors, and then just disappear with them.

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