Faucets or Crypto Networks?

I have no doubt about the answer to this question. Therefore, I want to clarify my point of view for those who still doubt the correct choice.

To begin with, I will say a few kind words to the faucets. Once they were really useful. I can not even say they are profitable, because they have never been profitable. If we take into account the time of our precious life, which we spent on them and compare with what we had got, the picture will turn out to be very sad.

Today, at least slightly adequate faucets are almost not left at all. Exception unless can make the small group of faucets CoinPot https://levelnaut.com/2018/01/19/coinpot-faucets-at-my-pr-laboratory/ which till now is in my bookmarks.

That’s why I say that you can start to forget about faucets. But in this case the traditional question arises – And what should the newcomers of the crypto world do then?

For beginners and more experienced users, I highly recommend switching to crypto social networks. Activity, which is required there from the participants, is quite comparable with work with faucets.

Virtually all or almost everything that you do in crypto social networks is rewarded and the results of your activity are accumulated. And this activity is many times more interesting than blunt clicks on faucets.

Yes, of course, in due time the faucets were useful. After all, we used to do not just make clicks, but tried to understand how the crypto world works. We transferred coins from one service to another, we exchanged them for capacity in cloud mining, we saved them in order to start work on the stock exchange, etc. But today everything that can be earned with faucets is so miserly that even talking about it is not worth it – it’s a pity time.

And do not be deceived by the wide variety of coins that are offered at faucets. All of them are tied to the bitcoin rank. So there are no bad or good faucets, they are all absolutely unprofitable.

Therefore, my advice to those who make the first steps in the crypto world – to start with crypto networks. In any case, everything you do there will ultimately prove to be useful and profitable.

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