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This is one of the new crypto social networks, although the name of the project itself appeared in this context. Some time ago such a social network had already existed, but it did not belong to the category of crypto, but was some kind of community connected with marketing.

In today’s InfinityLoop network, there are all signs of a full-fledged crypto-currency project. Here there is a coin, called InCoin and some options to get it.

Let’s read about it in the netwrok website.

“… Rules of charging
For the put like: 0.1 Incoin (will appear in the near future).
For the received like: 1 Incoin.
For the received repost: 4 Incoin.
10% of the volume of coins earned by the users attracted by you.

Increasing coefficients for VIP packages:
x2 = Start
x3 = Busines
x4 = Premium

Writing rules
When a user makes a bet, the amount of coins equal to his bet is frozen on his account.
Thus, the same coin can only be used at one auction.
If the user does not win, then the coins are defrosted.
If the user wins, the frozen coins are written off.
If the user was caught in the artificial winding of coins, then they are written off … ”

That is, the system of rewards. On the website it is explained this way, though I’m not sure that it is already working. But this is not surprising, because so far the project is in the version of Beta. on the other hand, maybe I’m wrong and the accruals already go.

Like in any social network, you can add friends and chat. But beyond that, one of the main features of InfinityLoop is the possibility to share music, books, movies, video clips and even programs with friends.

All that could be recommended to your friends and you may also leave your feedback.

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