When bitcoin generation will come

Today, I have read a question on one of the popular internet forums: “Bitcoin has fallen by 25% in three days: what’s going on?” Experienced users know the answer to it, but for everyone else I will quote what I wrote on the forum.

“…Everything is the same as it was during these last years – there is a war of the Fiat with the crypto. And in war, the forces of opponents are periodically depleted (if it is protracted). Regulation is just one of the instruments of fiat. But the problem is that bitcoin has ALREADY won. And one day, people will be announced that YOUR MONEY is not real money. There is only cryptocurrency. And here the main question arises: Who will have this very cryptocurrency by that time?…”

And now I will explain – why I think that bitcoin has already won. As you know, bitcoin exists since 2009. That is, next year he will be 10 years old.

Already today in the world there are schoolboys who made their capital with the help of crypto currency. Among them there are even millionaires.

And among the creators of crypto currency, people rich enough, you can meet yesterday’s teenagers too.

But now I have several questions at once.

Do you, those who read these lines, seriously believe that the new generation will still play in our insane candy wrappers? Do you really think that those to whom today 10 will be more stupid than us and believe in glass beads for the natives? Do you really think that they will also like to take wild credit to pay something?

Do not tell me, please. And do not be fooled. Just take a close look at what’s going on around you. I understand that you do not have time to turn around like a squirrel in a wheel. But you still try.

Banks HAS ALREADY LONGLY prepared for the arrival of the bitcoin generation. In all banks and financial companies ALREADY there are departments for dealing with blockchain and crypto currency.

Do you have these very departments? Do you know what is blockchain and crypto currency? Do you know how to treat it correctly?

Try to answer for yourself these questions. And then you’ll ask why bitcoin falls or grows.

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