10 tips to crypto bloggers

Today I want to give 10 tips to a beginner crypto-blogger. I hope that they will help someone. When I had started my activity in this direction, no one could give me such advice, since crypto social networks were still a new phenomenon.

Now, when there are already several dozen of them – it’s high time to give some useful recommendations for beginners. Let’s go.

1. Register for a real person, according to his referral link. Independently you will find it difficult to understand all the intricacies and there is a chance that this person will be interested in moving forward. Then he will tell you how to act correctly to you and you will not spend a huge amount of time to learn this social network, do not make many unnecessary movements and make no mistakes. Not all crypt networks have affiliate programs, but wherever there is, this advice works. If this is not possible, then join a group in which this project is discussed and ask your questions there.

2. Try to get your account right from the very beginning, using all the design possibilities provided. Choose a good, positive personal photo and fill out all the available profile descriptions in full.

3. Do not try to master all the functionality of the crypto social network right away. Well, if you get about it the maximum representation at once, but this is unlikely to happen. As a rule, there are always many nuances in this matter. Therefore, get used gradually, do not rush, be careful. Understand with a start with each visible button, with each section, with each function.

4. Learn what exactly is required to do in this crypto social network, what kind of activity is rewarded here, how exactly is rewarded. Check if you are logged on to all of the additional sites and systems you need to work with.

5. If you require content (no matter what – texts, photos, videos, etc.), then prepare it in advance. Collect materials, think through the texts, do the workpieces. Stability and permanence is of great importance. Some projects even reward daily visits.

6. Immediately after registration, start to form your information tape. That is, start adding to friends not only friends, but also unfamiliar people who publish the content you are interested in. It will form your chronicle or newsline.

7. Pay special attention to supervision. That is, try to regularly evaluate the messages and content of your virtual friends. It is very important. There are crypto social networks in which you can even get more reward for exactly this kind of activity. In any case, this must be done, because communication, information exchange is the main function of social networks. And you should evaluate the quality of the information you receive.

8. Try not to pull out the earned money from the very beginning. Crypto social networks do not like this. On the contrary, at the initial stage, try to do as much as possible in order to improve your account. The more will be its power, the power of voice or influence (in each cryptos network it is called in different ways), the more you can earn in the future.

9. Use boosters if they are provided by this project. Here, of course, you also need your own tactics and strategy, but you will gradually learn this. But to forget about such an important tool or to ignore it is undesirable.

10. Continually learn, constantly study everything that this project offers. Carefully follow all his news, subscribe to them, if such an opportunity is provided. Become a mentor, start talking about this project (if it’s worth it) and earn on its affiliate program, if one is provided for. Here is the list fo actual crypto networks https://levelnaut.com/2017/12/19/cryptocurrency-social-networks-list/ you may chack and add.

I understand that this is only a small part of the recommendations that I can give. But I believe that they can help someone.

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