CryptoSocio groups are those groups in social networks where information is exchanged on the topic of crypto social networks, as well as on the topic of earning and promotion in them.

This list includes both existing crypto projects and groups in traditional networks. The fact is that traditional networks at any time can move to a block system or to a system of rewarding users for activity. He can create his own token or a conditional unit of account, and then they will automatically go to the category of crypto on this site.

The current list is as follows:


Information is updated on 03.12.2018 77 users 3 users 6 user 466 users 416 users 2 users 5872 users 81 users 13 users 6 users 220 users 6 users 7 users 192 user 10 users 5 users 3 users 363 users 138 users 3 users 4 users 4 users 10 user 4 users 91 user 1041 users 3 user 7 users 15 users

TRADITIONAl SOCIAL NETWORKS 1 user 1 user 1 member 5839 users World 5429 users Life Style 5812 users Future 234 users – is the Future 432 users news and Blogs 910 users 598 users Social Networks 32 users 12 users 24 users 1090 users 1 user 89 users Networking 4 users 2 users
Livejournal 1 user 225 users 3 users 2 users 1 user 172 users 5 users 431 users 346 subscribers  2 users 1 member 1 member 2 users 2 users
Telegram Group Coins free 675 subscribers 2 users 2 users 4 users 112 users 1439 users 76 users

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