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Viberate is one of the successful projects that started with the help of ICO. Despite the fact that the sale of tokens began only on September 5, 2017, the VIB coin is already well known to many users.

Crypto social network Viberate has very good prospects in the future, even taking into account that while there is not one of the important attributes of the social network – communication between users.

Nevertheless, it seems to me that this deficiency will be eliminated, because communication is a very strong engine of any project of this kind.

In its essence, Viberate is a huge database, which contains hundreds of thousands of profiles of musicians, as well as places and events of the world of show business, with detailed statistics on social networks, concert dates, contacts and other useful information.

All these data are entered by users of the system, the data is constantly updated, and users are paid for it. Every day, the system distributes 5000 VIB tokens, to all active members who have joined the social networks of the project, as well as contributing to the replenishment of the site’s database.

You can get tokens for replenishing the database of artists, concert venues, as well as for indicating dates of concerts of musical stars and collectives.

Now the base of artists is almost full and there is no such wide scope for action. But the data on the venues and dates of concerts of various stars are far from complete, and there is something to work on.

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