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I do not know how you feel about your projects, but I try to approach them very seriously. are ther any other variants? After all, they take a part of my life. Therefore, I do not want this part to bring me stress or disappointment.

The CryptoSocio project is today the priority of my actions in the crypto world. I am absolutely sure that ahead of us is not only a new bitcoin wave, but also a serious boom in the development of crypto social networks.

Naturally, what I’m doing today, a quantum computer will do in a split second, but until it is introduced into mass production, one has to act by old methods. The big data so far can not be too useful in this situation, the market is very unstable and it is difficult to analyze it. But it is possible. This is an ancient way – “by hands”.

Nevertheless, something can be done today. You probably already know about our project CryptoSocio. Or, at least, you can now easily find information about it. It is here that the effectiveness and quality of the development of crypto social networks is assessed.

But for more efficient information gathering and for more effective exchange of observations, I have decided to open the CryptoSocio project offices in all popular social networks, both traditional and crypto.

The list so far turned out to be a little but it will gradually increase. Also, it will be constantly updated and supplemented in terms of relevance and necessity.

This is done so that any person, being in any social network (both crypto and traditional), could exchange opinions about this network, or about some other project. Or for anyone to have the opportunity to ask a question that interests him.

All received data will be carefully analyzed and tested by our operational team in Telegram and Discord (where we also have opened our operational headquarters).

In Telegram, according to tradition, a Russian-speaking group will work, and on the Discord will be exchanged an English-speaking team. The address of the second group can be found at the above link or simply by typing CryptoSocio in the search in the Discord). The results of all analyzes and observations can be found on the Levelnaut website.

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