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The name of this article looks a bit strange, does not it? In what exactly is my proposal? Let’s clarify.

Specification 1. I have already written a lot about the diversification of the crypto currency and why it is profitable to invest social networks in crypto. For those who do not know, I’ll remind you, in order not to start all that talks about “bitcoin falls,” “everything is bad,” “what to do is not clear,” etc.

First, the crypto currency will certainly grow, no matter what will happen in the world. This is the logic of the development of society, this is a future, this is common sense. (I imagine how the bankers and other old farts and imaginary authorities in the world of finance began to grate with teeth). Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to invest in crypto currency. And it is best to do it when their course is lowered. With this rule, perhaps, even dinosaurs from banks will agree.

Therefore, you can not doubt – something must be done necessarily. Therefore, I propose to buy a share in the crypto social network. If you still doubt, then watch the movie about Facebook. Just imagine that instead of scam, you are offered something worthwhile, that will not only take away your time, but will also bring you money.

Clarification 2. I said the wrong thing. The word “buy” – here does not fit. It’s more correct to say this: “Exchange your time and activity in crypto social networks – for money.” Yes, of course, the time of our lives is more expensive than any money. This will confirm to you any person suffering, for example, from an oncological disease. But still – the game is worth the candle, believe me.

Clarification 3. In no other project on the web, we do not know personally its other participants. In crypto networks, we see all who participate in them. At least on this side. On the side of those who invest their time and activity. That’s why such a project is more difficult to close and run away with his money to those people who are on the other side. In this case I ment the creators of the projects, its administrators, the team, developers, moderators, technical support, etc. Therefore, the third clarification should sound like this: “Buy a share in the crypto network and try not to pull out money at the earliest opportunity.” But this is the case if you want to invest, and not earn a pittance. Be on an equal footing with the project team, become a part of it. Do not be like hired workers offline, do not work under the formula “made-received”, learn how to act according to the formula “earned-invested”. I understand that “it’s also necessary to live on something.” But if you do not make any additional efforts, then it is almost impossible to break out of the vicious circle.

Specification 4. Do you need stability? Do you need reliability? Then you need diversification. And I already wrote about it, and wrote about crypto social networks. Moreover, I even gave you this full list and warned that it was far from complete. I had said that it will grow. And it grows. It grows quickly. Why? Because it is perspective, it is correct. And it’s … reliable. But that’s just the point. This list, only for the time when it was first published – has already doubled. And even appeared a list of potential crypto social networks. And you may find there not less new project, than in the first one. And there will be much more, because it is beneficial to everyone. Therefore, my last clarification will sound like this – buy not one share, but a lot.

Specification 5. This recommendation works only if you believe in crypto currency at all. I already wrote about faith in the crypt. So, if you do not believe in it, then I’m very sorry that you took the time to read this article.

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