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I deliberately did not mention in my previous articles one more important advantage of crypto social networks. But only this time, I do not want to oppose them to traditional networks or compare them with other types of work with crypto currency. I’ll just tell you why I like working with them.

In addition to all its obvious advantages for diversification, of which I wrote repeatedly, crypto networks are not boring. Working with them is always interesting, always diverse, always assuming new actions. Why is this happening?

Firstly, a variety of teams work with projects of this kind. As a rule, in these teams there are creative people with non-standard thinking and specific work experience. They are developing new features, and then programmers and developers embody their ideas in life.

Secondly, as I said before, my main list of crypto-social networks https://levelnaut.com/2017/12/19/cryptocurrency-social-networks-list/ is constantly growing, and this makes working with them not boring. Of course, sometimes working at any project you can get bored. For example, at the moment, there are some crypto networks that I do not even look at or look at once a week. But their time will come, I know for sure. I have already learned to switch from one project to another and experience in this business is only growing.

Third, in the crypto social networks, there is a constant stimulation of users’ activity. Project creators are well aware of the competition in this direction and that if they do not stimulate activity, then users will simply leave the project. Therefore, there are always websites where something special happens, interesting, profitable or simply attractive.

Fourthly, there is another important detail, but it is available only for crypto social networks. I mean a great variety of coins that can be earned in them. Now I will show you the list taken from my financial report without specifying the amounts and you will understand what I’m talking about right now.

bitlanders xxxx gBM
earn xxxx BTC
empowr xxxx EMPOWR COINS
galactikka xxxx DIAMONDS
golos xxxx GOLOS
infinityloop xxxx Incoins
kaleostra xxxx koints
memeus xxxx T
minds xxxx POINTS
scrypto xxxx DigitalPrice
selfllery xxxx YOU
sola xxxx SOL
steemit xxxx STEEM
subha xxxx DINAR
viberate xxxx VIB
viuly xxxx VIU
wildspark xxxx AMP
wowapp xxxx WOWcoin
xenzuu xxxx XP
yours xxxx BCH
zonto xxxx ZONTO

In this list there are more than twenty projects and it, certainly, will grow. There are also popular crypto currencies such as BTC, BCH, STEEM and less popular ones. But they have every chance of becoming popular in the nearest future. And by the way, many projects are now moving from internal tokens to crypto currencies (EMPOWR, MINDS, etc.), but we will have another conversation about this with you.

And now just keep in mind this important advantage of crypto social networks – they are not boring.

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