List of crypto networks is alive

Today I have caught myself on a strange thought. It seemed to me that the list of crypto social networks… is alive. Or almost alive. At least, it behaves exactly as alive – every day is updated, every day it argues with me or with itself.

I almost physically feel what changes are happening in this market. What exactly happens to the list of crypto social networks?

Firstly, it is constantly being supplemented. Almost every day new projects appear in it. If before there were a dozen sites in it, then now it is almost half a hundred. There is now even a new list of potential crypto social networks, in which there are few dozens of websites too. If earlier I followed the updates of the market every month, now I have to do it every week.

Secondly, it is shrinking. This is also for a variety of reasons. Some projects do not overcome the ICO benchmark, others turn out to be fraudulent schemes, while others simply stop their work for some other reason. It is not always clear whether the project is working, or it is gradually dying.

Thirdly, the list is being specified. If you carefully look at all the projects from this list, you will see that not all of them fully meet the criteria of a crypto social network. Not all of them have those components, of which I have repeatedly written.

Some of them have a forum instead of a social network, some have a conditional internal token instead of a crypto currency, some of them are on blockchain platform, and some are on the usual one. But all this is changing almost every day.

What does all this say? It only says that we are on the right track. More precisely, that we are in its very beginning. Because we have the opportunity to take a good position.

In this situation, it is very important not to miss anything. That’s why I’m so grateful for your comments on the Levelnaut website. They help make this list alive and up-to-date.

I very much look forward to our further mutually beneficial cooperation, dear readers. And also I’m waiting for your new comments, clarifications and tips.

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