Cryptoblogger. First steps

In short, I will name just two main tools for this case. The first tool is – financial report, and the second is – time-management.

For any further advancement, you will need money. You can not work with crypto networks without gradually increasing the power of your influence in them. This requires financial resources. Taking them out of their basic or, especially, from the family budget is a very bad decision. All the necessary financial means can be earned. And then, if necessary, they can always be redistributed.

Therefore, first of all, prepare your financial report. According to the changes in it, you can move on. Such a report should be very simple and it is not even necessary to do it in Excel, you can create it in a regular notebook on your gadget.

Moreover, you need not to create it yourself, but just copy it. In my report all the projects that pay are already listed. It looks like this:

bitlanders xxx gBM
earn xxx BTC
earncrypto xxx DOGE
empowr xxx EMPOWR COINS
galactikka xxx DIAMONDS
golos xxx GOLOS
infinityloop xxx Incoin
kaleostra xxx coints
memeus xxx T
minds xxx K POINTS
scrypto xxx DP
selfllery xxx YOU
sola xxx SOL
steemit xxx STEEM
subha xxx DINAR
viberate xxx VIB xxx VIU
wildspark xxx AMP
wowapp xxx WOWcoin
xenzuu xxx XP
yours xxx BCH
zonto xxx ZONTO

Try to make changes regularly to this list and then you will have enough motivation. Nothing is more inspiring to work better than increasing amounts in each line.

Naturally, before you start, you need to register on these sites. And preferably on everyone else from the full list of crypto social networks, which I have already prepared for you. It looks like this and I’ve already mentioned it many times.

Virtually all cryptosystems have the same principle. You help to develop a social network, carry out the necessary activity in it (write posts, read and approve the articles of other participants, increase the power of your influence etc.) and get paid for by a local coin.

Therefore, there is no need for a thorough study of all the rules and chips, the experience will come gradually. As for time management, I will discuss this in more detail in one of the following publications. And also tell you how to work with affiliate programs.

For now, just try to highlight in your daily schedule at least some time for this activity. In the future, you will be able to more accurately determine how much and for what time to work in this direction.

To begin with, these recommendations will suffice. You can start working, do not waste time and do not think about the bitcoin course. Everything will be fine.

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