Crypto networks. Affiliate programs

This article is not about kinds of partner programs, that are available for crypto social networks, but about partners and where to get them.

The fact is, if everything is done correctly, this type of earnings can also be a very significant addition to your overall income from activities in crypto projects.

It is only necessary to correctly tune in to this work, to understand its essence correctly. Any crypto social network is interested in its expansion, in increasing the number of participants. But it is much more important that these participants are not formal, but real, so that they act actively. And who should teach them this? Absolutely right – you! And for this learning process you get paid.

It is very important that everything be honest. So that you do not just invite a person, and then leave him without any assistance, but help him in all sorts out.

How you do this is another matter. You can make a chat on Telegram or Discord. You can make a special group in a social network or on some forum. It’s your decision. Personally, I work with my referrals on my website Levelnaut, although I used to prefer chatting in Telegram.

The site is very convenient because there you can collect all your thoughts, ideas, explanations and instructions in one place. Anyone can enter the word of interest in the Search at website and find the answer to the question even before he asks it to you – in the comments to any of the articles of the site.

And now, I will say a few words about the partner programs themselves and about where to look for partners for them.

By the way, not all crypto social networks have their own affiliate programs. For example, Steemit, Golos, Yours and some others do not.

The most complete list of partnership programs for crypto social networks can be found here: and if you forget this address, you can always find it on one of the banners on the Levelnaut website.

And in conclusion, a few tips on how and where to look for partners. First, check all sites where you are already registered and make one general list of your partners on them. With Word, it’s easy to create such a list in alphabetical order, and then remove from it those addresses that repeat in it.

This will be your main list of partners, which you will invite everywhere. If someone does not like that you invite him and help him get in the way, he will let you know about it and you willremove him from the list.

Secondly, you can also take contacts from mailings from other crypto social projects and airdrops and even from spammers’ letters, where sometimes a huge number of addresses are indicated. If you offer people from these newsletters really something worthwhile and useful, then they will be only grateful to you and become your partners. Or maybe they will invite you to some interesting project. Gradually you will have your own team, and in each new project, in each new partner program you will already come with your list.

There are many other interesting tips and useful recommendations, but I’ll cover them in the next articles. You can subscribe, become members of my partner team or just leave your comments to my articles. In total, you are the most kind and successful teamwork in crypto social projects.

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