Kaleostra at my PR laboratory

Someone collects stamps, someone cars, and in my collection you can find a wide variety of crypto social networks. Each new one is for me like a beautiful butterfly, which will decorate and delight the eye. But not only my eyes, but my budget as well.

Butterfly, which got to my collection today, is called Kaleostra. It’s a beautiful name, is not it?

And now, let’s figure out what her beauty and attractiveness are.

Of course, this is a crypto social network, since there is also the possibility of communication, the function of adding friends and such an important element as rewarding users for their activity.

If you look closely, you can guess the features of the service in the website’s functionality to complete the tasks. There were a lot of such before, and today you can find some dinosaurs from this breed. Only in contrast to the dinosaurs of the Internet, this project has its own coin. This coin is called a coint. As far as I understand, this name comes from two other words – coin and point.

In addition to the coin, which is easy to earn, there are a lot of other interesting chips, buttons and functions. At first I wanted to talk about all of them, but then I realized that this task can be dragged on for a long time.

Therefore, I give you, dear readers, the opportunity to enjoy learning all these buttons. I’m sure you can sort them out easily. If you can not do this, then write your question in the comments and I’ll tell you what each of the website’s functions means.

As I said, Kaleostra is a social network, but I forgot to add the word “business”. Yes, exactly. This is a business project and here you can not only develop various commercial directions and promote your own projects, but also build your teams. And these teams, by the way, can then be connected to work with other crypto social networks.

In order to withdraw from the project the money earned in it, you need to have a VIP category. But when it comes to this, you yourself will understand that you need this category, because it gives you much more opportunities for promotion.

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