Time-management and crypto networks

I do not know when robots and artificial intelligence will throw you out with your dull work. But I absolutely know for sure that this will happen. And for some of the readers this time will come very soon.

On the other hand, I consider working with crypto social networks more promising and more focused on the future. Yesterday they were called traditional networks, today they are called crypto social networks, and tomorrow there will probably be some neural networks. But they will necessarily be, because communication for a person is of the greatest importance.

Many of you understand this and even gradually make up your life plans taking into account the work in social networks. And at this very moment they have one very important question – where to find time?

I understand these people very well. Life has now accelerated so much that many of us have forgotten the last time we just spent time with our friends. I will not now turn to philosophy and argue that communication with friends may well be virtual.

I’ll just answer the question about time management and talk about how I solve this problem. And, I do it absolutely calmly and confidently. Even though the list of crypto social networks is growing very quickly and you do not want to miss anything. By the way, today my list looks like this: https://levelnaut.com/2017/12/19/cryptocurrency-social-networks-list/ but every week I do updates there.

First of all, in my work with crypto networks I’m guided by the fact that they have three basic types of activity. At least for myself, I defined this way and singled out – content production, training and entertainment. Why not communication in such a case? Because communication is something that is constantly happening in social networks.

In my next articles, I will elaborate on each of the activities. I’ll tell you about how to allocate time between the three directions mentioned above. Moreover, I will tell you in which projects you can earn more in each of them. Yes exactly. Perhaps you still do not know about it, but in crypto social networks you can get money for … entertainment. Pay attention – not to pay, but to receive.

On the other hand, content production and training are also not so terrible eaters of time, if everything is done right.

Therefore, summing up, I want to make the most important conclusion about time management and crypto networks. To begin with, you just need to decide whether you are interested in this line of business or not. Do you want to receive payment for this, and not for your current job or not. These are the main questions and it makes no sense to allocate such a precious resource as your time otherwise.

And only after you receive an affirmative answer from yourself, you can get down to business. And then everything will depend on how much time you can allocate. But I’ll say right away that absolutely anyone is suitable. You can start from one hour a day. Gradually, your incomes will grow, and the time allocated for activity in networks will increase. All this will happen as you gain experience in the production of content, training and entertainment.

But as I said, we’ll discuss all of this in the next articles – and now just answer the questions and select at least one hour of time in your schedule.

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