Now I’m preparing an interesting article about the scam in crypto social networks. Unfortunately, such a concept is also present here. But to escape from it unfortunately does not work, because scam is a part of the life of the Internet community, the same as theft or fraud in the ordinary world.

But today, I would like to continue the conversation about time management and work in cryptonetworks. As I said in one of the previous materials, your activity in them is paid. And I even had named the three main areas for which you receive a reward – this is the production of content, training and entertainment.

Let’s talk about working with content today. What is this content? Depending on the basic orientation of the project, it can be posts, reviews, memes, broadcasts, various photos and video materials. This is certainly not a complete list, but the most important items are called.

In the work with content, it is very easy to distinguish the stage of preparation and the stage of publication. Naturally, the most important of these is the stage of preparation.

Of course, you are very lucky if you are a seasoned person, you have traveled a lot, you have seen a lot in life and most importantly, you have kept all that clear memories and photo and video materials about it. For a while this may be enough. But then, most likely, your readers will need the actual content from your friends or partners over the network. And then you have to prepare it.

You will need to save all your ideas for posts and broadcasts (preferably a separate list, which is always near), always have at least a mobile phone with you, so that you can take photos and make videos.

On the computer, you can even make a special folder for workpieces, ideas, etc. in other words, if you optimize the preparation of content, then you will not have questions with time management. Because, the stage of publication, as a rule, does not take a lot of time. And everything except broadcasts can be done in a matter of minutes.

Another important point for the preparatory part is money. In most social networks, there is a system for boosting, that is, increasing the power of your materials or the entire account. Of course, you have to pay for this. At first you may need to deposite small amounts, but in the future you can connect boosters for the money already earned in this cryptonetwork. Also you may work withot any invetsmnets, but you should mind that it is much longer way.

The initial funds can be earned in other Internet crypto projects and even on my website you can find a list of the best projects for this purpose In this list I selected projects long enough. Therefore, you can not doubt its effectiveness. Especially good is that all this can be dealt with between the case and use any, even small excesses of time.

Once again I want to emphasize the main idea of ​​the article – if you have everything set up with the preparatory part and there is a small amount of money necessary for the beginning, then the question with the time management will be solved by itself. That’s why I said that enough hours even a day of active work with crypto networks.

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