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Now it’s hard to say when the ICO boom ends, and with it all the airdrops, giveaways and, of course, bounty campaigns come to an end. But while this theme is alive, the BountyHunter project has every chance to turn into a full-fledged crypto social network.

As you already understood, this project not only hunts for bounties, but also earns to participate in this business. More precisely, the members of the social network participate in it, and the network itself earns on mediation and on finding suitable offers.

I can not say anything bad, for today – this topic is quite lucrative and relevant.

But I have a few comments about the very functionality of the project. It is very good that its organizers immediately stank that the principle of a social network in this case is the most suitable. Therefore, each participant has his own personal card, which the others can see. But you can not add to this member’s friends. This function developers for some reason did not open.

In the second place, naturally, they do not assume the options for communication between users within this crypto social network. It all looks a bit strange. But I hope that these functions will be refined over time, otherwise what’s the point of generally targeting the social network?

But the project BountyHunter has its own crypto currency, which is called BHT. Why it is called so – it’s also easy to guess. Well, you can earn it if you participate in bounty campaigns. In your account, you specify the currency earned in each of them, and the amount in BHT.

At the moment, other activity of users is not rewarded, but if the project will go through the line of crypto currency networks, then other functions will likely appear, and boosting and other necessary tools.

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