Scam and crypto networks

It is very unpleasant to write on this topic. But it can not be otherwise, because in this case, scammers begin to grow insolent even more and begin to believe in their impunity.

Just want to warn you that I will only tell about crypto social networks, only about my personal observations and my personal experience in this matter. Your cases you can tell in the comments.

And one more important point. I will not tell about scammers-users, which are just a huge number and almost all crypto social networks. A year ago I encountered such even on Steemit. Today I’ll tell you about the cases when the organizers of the project are scammers. – is, in my opinion, the champion in this matter. In the commercial, which is actively promoted on the Web, it is mentioned about 17 marketers who created this project. Do not believe a single word. There are no marketers. There is no any support service. You can not even contact the domain owner. All this I tried to do when the project appropriated my 0.008 btc (this was when 1 btc was almost 20 thousand dollars). Interestingly, the transaction is still fixed in the back-office, and if you follow its path, you can see that it is confirmed. But on this site the reverse is indicated, and the fact that this transaction has 0 confirmations. You can check this fact yourself c3649df7f480d3cea899ab3b75e50da9da99b9837a9cac9cb2158822584ceb05 – if someone is interested in the site on blockcypher. is not a social network, it is a payment system. But it is used in social network for account upgrades, so be careful. I sent, as the system requires an exact amount for the upgrade. After that, extortionists from demanded another 50 thousand satoshi, which they want additionally. I applied to the payment service support service and social network too. As a result, my account from was deleted, and in the social network, after the offer to remove this partner and such payment option, I also stopped responding to messages. Although, the simplest thing in this situation is to return the money sent. From which a simple conclusion is drawn that the reputation for these projects is nothing. And the price of it is $ 25, which was appropriated in the course of this unpleasant affair. – this project also got on my list, although a lot of projects use the scheme of this scam. Especially those that go to the ICO and want to get money from investors by any means. In my back-office of this site, the following is indicated: “You will get a referral reward. Number of invited people: 98 “. I understand everything clearly. I did not pay my own money in this project, so I’m not saying that the project owes me money. But here they took advantage of my time and my reputation, which I (unlike the owners of similar projects) try to protect. I believe that reputation is also capital, and much more than money. Of course, sites like this hundreds, if not thousands on the Internet. But Comsa, unlike them, still actively uses this trick with the referral program. And to my question about this, the local support service responds – “We do not owe anything to anyone.”

This, of course, is not a complete list of fraudulent projects and schemes that work in the field of crypto currency networks. I have indicated only a few points. I hope the rest you will specify.

By the way, in my list of cryptosystems it is still possible to find some of these sites. I intentionally do not remove my accounts from there, so that novice users can read there at least such articles as this.

In fact, friends, the Internet is a rather small world. Especially if you live long in it. I’ve been on the Web since 2003, so I understand what I’m writing about and what I’m talking about. I know what reputation on the Internet is. Even hackers who simply steal money from me have more respect (but not excuses!) than to such scams. Especially to those funny people who think they can cover up traces on the Internet and change their style of behavior.

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