Kocurrency at my PR laboratory

This crypto social network had attracted my attention at the ICO stage. But then I did not have enough time to figure it all out and therefore for some time I was moving in this project by inertia.

At the same time, I had no doubt that this was a crypto social network, because it had all the relevant signs.

At the moment, there is a possibility to communicate and add friends and encourage user activity. In the office of each participant in the project, you can even find a button with Activity.

And of course, this project has its own crypto currency. The local coin is called KoCoin and it can be obtained in several ways.

First, in the crypto social network Kocurrency there is a section of predictions. You can choose one of the most popular crypto-currencies and try to predict the growth or fall of its rate. And in case of the correct answer, multiply your capital.

Secondly, you can write an article on the topic of crypto currency and get 5 KoCoins for it if it is approved.

Thirdly, you can get 0,25 KoCoins for each new user who is invited to this social network.

As you can see, the options for obtaining coins are provided here, so despite the very simple functionality, the project is very actively developing.

Pay attention to the menu button, which is called My Intelligence. As you may guess, this is the same voice power or level of influence that there are in many crypto social networks. But, unfortunately, the system of supervision is not provided here. At least – at the moment.

But once again I repeat – the project is very actively developing and I’m watching how every day new participants are added here.

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