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Today I want to continue the conversation on the topic of time management and work in crypto social networks. As I said before, there are three whales in this business – communication, training and entertainment. About communication, I had already written in detail in one of the previous articles. And now it will be mentioned how much time you need to share with your team.

In the fact that it is necessary to work with the team – there can not be any doubts. If you just drop your referral links wherever you can, then you will not build a good team. In this case, you will have a reputation as a spammer and nothing more.

On the other hand, each of you should have a list of affiliate program references, which you also need to work with constantly. I have such a list too. Here’s how it looks and I’ve shown it to you more than once.

Someone thinks earnings on partner programs are one of the types of passive income, but I do not think so. This is the work, first of all. And if so, then it takes time. Therefore, in your time management this should be given special attention.

At the moment, I see two options for this work. You can say that this is either an active individual work, or – an interactive.

At first I went on the first path. I had my own group in Telegram, where I actively (as time allowed) discussed with my team members all the nuances of working in crypto social networks. But in this case, one must be prepared for the fact that such work is very difficult to combine with the time management. It is more like a bird’s work with chicks in the nest.

You must constantly bring food, that is, important information, which helps the chicks to effectively advance in gradually mastered projects. As a rule, this is a one-gate game, as the chance that you will receive adequate information from your chicks in response is extremely small.

If you do not have special restrictions in time, then you can try this way. I chose another – that is, interactive. Every day, I conscientiously write an article on the topic of working in crypto social networks, which anyone can read, not just a member of your team.

This is much easier for me, since in this case almost the same time is spent – approximately one hour of active work related to the writing of the article. But at the same time, of course, you need to constantly add to the list of topics for these articles, otherwise each time you think about it will take much more than writing itself.

You can try to conduct webinars or record training videos. Both are convenient and profitable, because thanks to webinars (or, more correctly, online broadcasts), you can earn money in crypto social networks on streaming, and other crypto projects pay for the video. But articles are also very convenient and profitable, since they are also mostly paid for.

Thus, we have already discussed communication and learning in crypto social networks, it remains to talk about entertainment, but we will talk about this next time.

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