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Dock is not a doctor. And in general, this project has almost nothing to do with medicine. Creators and developers believe that the dock lets you create one sharable source for your profile, network, and professional reputation.

In more simple words, this site helps you with job placement or when looking for employees. It assembles everything that your potential employer needs and you can easily share this information. At the same time, there is no need to fill in the numerous and long forms that are required when looking for work.

Among other things, this site helps to connect the employee and the job manager, and provide the most up-to-date information about your professional progress.

I can say that the Dock is almost the same resource as the popular Linkedin, but only built using block-based technology, which means it is completely decentralized and more modern.

By the way, when filling out your profile, here you can use the archive that you have on LinkedIn.

As for the social network, it is not yet fully operational, although it already has more than 15 million participants. At least, there is still no such important option as communication between users. Although you may already add friends here.

It is also interesting that in the current version of the website, there is a button called Earn. So far, you can earn only through invitations, but for every new verified partner you can get 3$. In the future, apparently, the calculations will be conducted in the local crypto currency, which is called DOCK.

For more details on the second method of obtaining a coin, see the VOTE section. There is also a detailed instruction on how the owners of the DOCK token will be able to use it to their advantage.

The team at the Dock project is quite serious and most likely, the project will move forward successfully, especially considering that more than 20 million were collected during the ICO, if counted in dollars.

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