Today I want to continue to review the buttons that can be in your profile, in any of the social networks. By the way, I suggest to divide all the profile buttons into usual and unusual ones. The usual ones are the standard buttons that are in each project, and the unusual ones are those that are only in this social network.

The Image button is the standard button. Typically, it is either in the General section of the Profile, or in the Settings section. Very few projects exist, in which this button is not available. But even if it is not (or it is absent temporarily), then it is always possible to set your avatar or picture, which the network itself proposes to choose.

For example, in the Bitlanders project there is no Image button, but there you can create your own avatar, and from various parts that are elements of the appearance of a person. This option can be considered a proprietary chip project.

And now I will answer a few questions about your social network image, which you often ask yourselves creating a profile.

Do you need a profile picture?

Of course you do. If you are going to move on in this project, then be sure to upload your image in the profile. As a rule, profiles without images are ignored by other members of the social network. And your task is to have as many friends as possible, since in this case the reaction to your publications is much better. Your progress is faster, and earnings are higher.

Can I replace my photo with someone else’s?

I would not recommend doing this. I try not to add such profiles to contacts. It’s not even that in this case I understand that a person is an idiot. And in that, most likely, that behind this image there is a clone. And the clones will not help me raise my level of influence and thereby increase my earnings.

Which of your photos is best placed?

I would answer this question – in the best way possible. That is, try to select a photo where you look most attractive. It is desirable that this photo was taken during the last several years. If you exhibit your children’s photos, then I will not add you to contacts. I have absolutely no suspicions of pedophilia.

Can I put the same picture everywhere?

I think that not only can, but also need to do so. Firstly, we work in many projects (otherwise there is no sense and there is no earnings) and to select each time a new photo during registration is unprofitable in terms of time costs. On the other hand, your image should be recognized, for PR (PR is necessary in working with social networks) – this is not the last thing. It makes sense to change your image once every 5 or even 10 years.

Is the quality of the photo published in the profile important?

This is a rhetorical question. Everyone understands that the image must be clear enough to be seen. Therefore, even if it is possible to publish not only an image of a face, but also some interior, then the image quality should be excellent.

Which photo can be considered the best?

First of all, you should like this picture yourself. You should promote your account with pleasure. And if there is something wrong in it, then it will be difficult for you to do it. Therefore, if you do not have such an image, then you need to do it. Your image is the first thing that a potential partner in the social network pays attention to. Therefore, on the main profile photo try to appear in the most favorable light.

Once again, check whether all crypto social networks have a picture in your profile. Just in case, let me remind you once again the list of these networks but remember that from time to time it changes.

If you take into account all the above recommendations, then your progress will go faster, the power of your influence will grow, and earnings will increase.

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