Crypto Networks and your pension

The title of this article sounds a bit strange, does not it? But this is only for the reason that you have not yet considered earnings in crypto social networks from this point of view. I propose to do it now. I am sure that many of my thoughts will be very much appreciated.

To begin with, there will be no pension in the future. And you should be prepared for the fact that one day all the deductions that you make in various pension funds will simply be lost. Therefore, right now, before it’s too late, you need to pick up everything you’ve accumulated there and at least just transfer it to the bank.

Banks in the form in which they exist now, of course, will also be lost, too, very soon. But many of them are beginning to work actively with the blockchain and cryptocurrency. Most likely, all large banks will eventually pass to the cryptocurrency. At least in all such banks already now there are specialized departments that study and analyze this issue.

You can agree or disagree with this. It is your right. Those who agree can continue reading.

Time, events and especially technology are changing today so quickly that very often only a written scientific article by the time of publication already becomes irrelevant. Therefore, there is no sense in talking about any guarantee in the future.

If you are hoping that the state will come to your rescue and take your funds from the disappeared pension funds, then this is a vain hope. In the near future, the concept of the state will disappear too. Nobody will want to feed all those parasites, freeloaders, loafers and… intermediaries. Illiterate and greedy intermediaries between technologies and you.

At best, some time in the world will regulate the distribution of funds in society to large corporations.

If it seems to you that this is a too gloomy picture, then on the contrary, it is too optimistic.

That is why, the crypto currency can at least somehow guarantee that your savings will continue in the future. This is very well understood today in Japan, where they strongly encourage this direction. By the way, pay attention – longevity in Japan is one of the highest in the world. You may think that these two concepts are not related. But this is not so, in Japan they REALLY think about older people and respect them.

And now, since we have started talking about crypto-currencies, you yourself understand that there is no need to speak about any stability in this area. This market is very unstable, crypto-currencies are for the most part extremely volatile, etc. But one way or another – they are the future.

Now let’s answer the next question. What kind of activity in the world of crypto currency is the most promising for middle and older age? Of course – it’s crypto social networks. The older generation is spending a lot of time in traditional networks today. This is understandable, because this field of activity is very simple, clear and accessible to everyone.

Those who today create crypto social networks – first of all think of them as a business of the future, about a reliable investment of their means. Therefore, those who sit on this side of the screen can safely rely on the safety of savings and their diversification.

Already today there are more than a hundred projects of this type. Here is just a small list of which is increasing almost every day.

But all that is written above is only my private observations and reflections. You can ignore them, or you can take note. Both the first and second is your choice.

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