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Have you already prepared your morning coffee? I do not doubt this. But at the same time, I doubt that you have already picked up something interesting to read while you drink it. So much today is published by all dirt and negativity, that sometimes it’s just impossible to find something really interesting, useful and worthy of attention.

I hope that soon this problem will become irrelevant thanks to a project called Refind.

In the main menu of the Refind site, you can find only three buttons – Home, Reading List and Profile. Therefore, it is simply impossible to get lost or not to understand something here.

If you liked any of the materials published here, then you can put a plus in the upper right corner of the article’s announcement and it will appear in your Reading List. And you can read it whenever you want or when you have free time.

At the very least, you definitely do not miss anything interesting and get your share of positive or a dose of useful information at a time when you need it.

Coin Relevance Coin is being given only for invitations, but I am sure that the project will develop and other proposals will appear.

In the meantime, you can click on the Invite / Coins button in your profile and find the next entry.

We’re giving away 1 billion coins to early users for free. At a later point, we’ll buy them back with our profits … Once 1 billion coins are allocated, we’ll transfer them to your blockchain wallet.

In other words, the creators and developers of the project are ready to share coins with users today. And if you click the Learn more button next to this test? then you will learn many other interesting details.

In my opinion, such projects will be popular and it makes sense to click on the link and register.

As always, I will be happy with your comments and other news about crypto social networks of the Internet.

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