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If you have decided to deal with crypto social networks and earn a lot in them, then you need to have your own specialized blog. In order not to repeat in the future, I will now answer the questions that you may have after reading the first sentence of the article.

I.Why do I need my own blog and crypto social networks?

There may be a lot of answers to this question, I will only mention the most obvious ones.

1. In order not to develop other people’s resources, but to develop one’s own.
2. In order for it to be possible without any problems to share your referral links.
3. In order for you to have a team of like-minded people who will follow you and help you develop new projects.
4. In order to earn with this blog, etc.

II.How to call this blog?

In this matter, there is no need to hurry. The main thing is that absolutely any user of the Internet can find your blog without any effort.

Do an experiment, do not regret it. Enter in the search word levelnaut and virtually any search engine will be the very first issue of my blog on crypto social networks. So, as you can see, I do not even need a link to my site – it can be found always and everywhere, without even entering its address.

Therefore, when you select a name for your blog, first make sure that the search gives a zero or a minimum output for this query. Better zero , of course, than you definitely will not have to bypass anyone.

III. Where to open your blog on crypto-exchange networks?

Answers to this question can be a huge amount, but we need to approach the matter very practical. For example, I did this way. It was at the time of the creation of the site that I did not have online the necessary amount in dollars to pay for the site name and hosting, and I did not want to wait until the money was transferred.

Therefore, and you can start acting right away. Choose the right name and open a blog on the WordPress platform (find it in the search and register). Then, when you have the first $50 (or you earn them in crypto social networks), then you will pay for a year the domain name and hosting on this platform and then the wordpress word from its address will disappear.

IY. What to write about in a blog?

I’ve told you many times about this, you can read it on my website. It maybe your own experience, your vision, your reviews etc. But it is better to do publications in two languages, if your native language is not English. Translation can be done with the help of Google Translator, this program is already doing an excellent job of such a task.

V. How to earn with the help of the site?

There are a lot of options for this and you will learn about them in due course. But the most pleasant thing is that you can start posting your banners even on a free version of the blog on the WordPress platform. Which banners to place? Look at the banners that I have and you will understand everything. You can use my banners to avoid making your own. Download them to your computer and when you post in the admin panel simply specify the links from your site.

In short, it’s all for now. Surely you will have questions. You can ask them in the comments to this article, I will be happy to answer them.

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