When you go to the Levelnaut website, on the right side of the site (in the sidebar) you can see a module called Our Community.

At the moment, there are only a few dozen people in this community, but I’m sure there will be more. The fact is that the topic of crypto social networks is very promising.

Therefore, starting from today, all members of the community will be able to obtain the rights provided by the WordPress platform on which the Levelnaut site is built.

Let me remind you of the roles that WordPress site participants can get. it


The Levelnaut site already has the Administrator and Subscriber roles. And now the role of Author also appears.

Here is what description is given for this role.

“… As the name suggests, users with the author role can write, edit, and publish their own posts. They can also delete their own posts, even if they are published.

When writing posts, authors cannot create categories however they can choose from existing categories. On the other hand, they can add tags to their posts (See: Categories vs Tags – Which one is better for SEO?).

Authors can view comments even those that are pending review, but they cannot moderate, approve, or delete any comments.

They do not have access to settings, plugins, or themes, so it is a fairly low-risk user role on a site with the exception of their ability to delete their own posts once they’re published. … ”

In other words, now any subscriber of the site (you can subscribe directly on the main page, there is a special button for this) can become the author of the site.

There are several specific conditions and rules that must be considered in this case.

1. You should be interested in the topic of crypto social networks.

2. Your materials should be of interest to other community members.

3. In the material you publish, there should not be more than one link and at least two thousand characters of the original, author’s text.

4. You can take photos only from those that are in the database of the site.

5. Obtaining copyrights is very simple, it’s enough to write a message to the email address boris.siomin@gmail.com about the desire to be the author of the website.

6. After that you will receive an invitation to become an author of the website on your e-mail. Important! Before giving your address, register on the site https://ru.gravatar.com In this case, you will receive an excellent advertisement after each your article (see how it looks like other authors of the site).

7. In addition, you will get your personal page on Levelnaut.com, where all links (including referral) to your crypto social networks and your contacts will be listed. You no longer have to promote each account separately, but only this one page with all links.

Personal pages of Levelnaut.com website authors currently look this way and you may get such a page too.

If you have any questions about this topic, you can write them in the comments to this article.

Picture by pixabay.com