In short, the Actioncoin project can be presented as a service that provides discounts in various regions of the world. That is, you take any action and receive a reward in the form of a discount for this.

This is far from the only site of this kind and so far it is not the most popular. But it suits us for several reasons. First, Actioncoin is a social network, there is no doubt about it.

Secondly, there is a system of rewards for activity. Thirdly, users receive their own crypto currency, which is called ACTN.

The only drawback, which is available today, can be considered the lack of communication between users.

That is, the referral program exists, but the possibility of adding friends and the system of supervision is not here. In my opinion, the absence of any of the above components can seriously hamper the development of the modern crypto-social network.

However, the project only recently passed the ICO stage and is in the active phase of its development.

Therefore, most likely, we will see all the mentioned functions in full. Moreover, according to the organizers of the project, more than one million users from 200 countries of the world participate in it.

Every day, new shares appear in the list of shares in new regions, and this also indicates that the prospects for Actioncoin are very good.

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