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We continue today to talk about simple things that you can find in your profile in crypto social networks. Last time we talked about your photo and it turned out that everything is not so simple even with this. In fact, everything matters.

The Subscribe button, or Add friends, is also very important for your progress towards Crypto social networks.

At first glance it is a very simple button and by clicking on it you can simply add a number of familiar and unfamiliar people. But the whole point is that by doing this simple operation, you are forming your personal… news feed or chronicle.

But this is very important. Correctly selected news feed can very significantly save you time to read news and get the necessary special information.

Let’s say you are interested in the topic of crypto currency. Then first of all you need to add to contacts and friends those users who have a common interest. In many crypto social networks there is a special search module, which is called common Interests. It is usually located in the People or Users section. But if it is not there, then there is a general search in any case, in any project.

Then it makes sense to enter into the search, for example, the words Crypto currency and add all who are related to this topic – authors posts and articles, administrators and users of specialized groups, etc.

Thanks to this simple action, in the end, you will receive a news line, in which the information that interests you will be constantly updated. This will save you time to stay on news websites and you do not have to watch the same boring video from YouTube for the thousandth time.

In addition, this collection of information can help you advance in your profession. You will have a chance to go exactly to those people who are interesting to you and who also follow the important information for you.

Also this will increase your chances of getting positive ratings, likes, etc. That is, the system of supervision (curation) will bring you real financial benefits.

Therefore, I recommend that you review all your contacts in crypto social networks. I will remind you of their list https://levelnaut.com/2017/12/19/cryptocurrency-social-networks-list/ – it is constantly updated.

You should not delete existing contacts, but add those that suit you. And in the future to do so.

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