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As I understand it, you liked the Button series, dear readers. As it turned out, many of you did not even realize that the buttons of your profile in crypto social networks can give you so many useful tools and information.

In this case, today we will continue to get acquainted with these buttons and I will tell you about such an interesting thing as the System Notifications button.

I’m not kidding, this button can actually give a lot. But first of all it is necessary to specify that such buttons there can be not one, but several. But one is for sure. Typically, it is in the Settings section and is called Notifications via e-mail.

It would seem that there can be anything behind this? The user agrees to receive system notifications on their mail or not. I am sure that most of you refused to receive these notifications. And they did it in vain.

I would in your place not only agreed to these notices, but even signed for sure on the news of this crypto social network.

The only thing you need to do extra is in your mailbox to create an additional folder, which can be called Networks News, for example.

And then all the news and messages from the administration that you will receive from each network will fall into this special folder.

What do you gain from this?

1. You will always be aware of the events. You will never be surprised by the changes in the projects that you work with.

2. Over time, you will have a news archive that will come in handy more than once. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about. To me such archive was already useful many times, as in it there is a function of search on one word for example.

2. You always, every day will have a topic for a post in social networks. It will be enough for you to inform other users about these news, just add there your own comments and explanations. That is, you will easily get a topic for the next post, for which you will receive money.

Therefore, right now go through all your profiles in crypto social networks https://levelnaut.com/2017/12/19/cryptocurrency-social-networks-list/ and check if you have a system notification button from the administration via e-mail . Create a folder in the mailbox Networks News and you get a great tool for work.

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