Memeus at my PR laboratory

I was not kidding when I told you that in crypto social networks you can have fun and get paid for it. This is actually now too. Therefore, be prepared to receive positive emotions and money, but at the same time try to be very attentive.

Today I will tell you about a project called Memeus. Here you can find a huge number of memes, on a variety of topics. Even if the event just happened, you can see its image in the memories of the crypto social network.

By the way, Memeus is, you might say, a classical crypto social network, with almost all the necessary attributes – the authors’ reward, the system of supervision and even a coin.

The only downside is the lack of the ability to add users to friends. You can, of course, subscribe to the most interesting creators of memes and even write them in the comments any message, but add them to friends you can not yet.

As for the coin, it is here called T, and in the purse Waves, it has the name Mems and it is clear to everyone. Directly inside the purse, Mems tokens can be changed to Waves and brought to the exchange.

Thus, in the project Memeus you can earn in three ways:

– place memes and their own and others’, but with others’ mems you have to be more careful. If users get to know them, you will get a badge – bayan (old meme), which is equivalent to a minus, although you need pluses (likes);

– to manage other people’s memes, that is, to put likes on topics that you liked and you can even earn tokens even more than creating your memes;

– invite new members to the network.

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