This post is primarily addressed to all those who are involved in the management of crypto social networks – to administrators, moderators, creators and promoters.

I know for sure that many representatives of projects, and these categories in particular, will read these lines.

The fact is that one of the main problems in this area I see today in the absence of information exchange. Unfortunately, on the Internet there is no such project or even a group, in which the direction of crypto social networks would be discussed.

I recently tried to discuss this topic on the bitcointalk forum, so they did not even understand why they needed a branch about social networks. Even the old-timers of this forum do not understand why this section is needed. And at best, from crypto social networks can be called Steemit, although there are more than fifty of them on the market.

It is for this reason that the creators of new social networks live in a vacuum, they do not have feedback from the users of the Network. At best, they take questions for discussion in their project or invite selected users to participate in the beta. I have taken and participated in beta testing of many projects, but there is already testing the existing functionality. And it is often far from what is claimed in the market.

Therefore, many of the creators of new projects do not take into account such important elements as the reward of user activity, the system of supervision, crypto-currency transactions, the ability to add to friends and communication between users, etc.

It seems to me that without these elements today the social network simply has no chance of success. Gradually, all projects begin to introduce these functions – we all know and see it. But why not consider all these points at once?

In addition, not everywhere you can subscribe to news and updates of crypto social networks. Is it really difficult to install such a button so that users can follow the updates?

I agree – 100 percent of projects make such buttons when they go to the ICO and try to sell their tokens. But how do we know if the project is alive or dead? All these roadmaps are worth nothing if the project does not begin the interaction of potential users.

At best, they ask the opinion of potential tokens buyers on the same bitcointalk forum. And investors and potential users are often different people. Is it really not clear?

I understand – it’s important to sell tokens first. It is important to earn for your work. But try once to side with users, communicate with those who not only buy your coins and make investments in the project, but with those who will use it in the future. Then you will understand a lot. And then you will feel sorry for your efforts and lost time.

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