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Do not judge the article by its title. It’s only at first glance it seems that speech in it will go about something abstruse. In fact, everything is simple. Now I will talk about how I will select 50 crypto social networks, with which I will work.

If we now look at the current list, it will look like this: and this is not the version that was at the very beginning. What has changed?

I have my own criteria for selecting projects on the list. First of all, these are the following criteria: convenience in work, profitability in reward and the presence of all the necessary elements of the functional.

And now we will look at each of these items in order.

Convenience in work. As you probably already know, I set a maximum bar for myself, that is, the maximum number of projects I will work with. There will not be more than 50 of them. I believe that if you work alone, more than 50 crypto social networks will be extremely difficult to keep under constant control. And this will have to be done in order not to miss its benefits.

Therefore, with all the websites included in this list, the work should be very simple and convenient, not straining complex actions, calculations or constant monitoring of the situation.

On the other hand, the number of 50 allows you to switch from one project to another and does not make this work tedious.

Profitability in reward. There are such crypto social networks in which today it is extremely difficult to receive a reward for activity. Such projects will gradually leave the list and will be replaced by others. This process is natural and understandable to everyone. If the project team does not improve the working conditions, does not add various interesting interesting and profitable ways to receive rewards, but only uses users, then people leave.

Presence of necessary elements of the functional. We gradually begin to get used to the fact that all crypto social networks should have the necessary elements and their own chips.

The necessary elements include: system of rewards, system of supervision, system for boosting and the possibility of communication between users. All the rest is the matter of creative, this is what attracts people to this project.

Therefore, if the necessary elements of the functional are not available, then this crypto social network will be replaced in my list by another one. For these purposes, I have a list of potential crypto social networks, which is also on the Levelnaut website.

As you already know, I specialize in working with crypto social networks, I have little interest in other methods of promotion in the crypto world. Therefore, I take this topic very seriously, I plan to invest in this direction and work with it for many years. Therefore, I need a very high-quality list of projects. I’m sure that you are interested in exactly this.

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