Coins of crypto networks

Yesterday another crypto currency appeared, which has very good prospects for development and promotion. I mean empowr coin, behind which there is a strong support for users of the social network Empowr.

I already predicted such a scenario for a long time. As you can see, gradually all serious and promising social networks will switch to crypto currency and begin to use the system of user remuneration. Recently it was the project Minds, yesterday Empowr, and so it will be with everyone else.

Quite confidently I can also predict that all social networks will have a system of supervision, and a booster system. And I can finish my predictions with just one more obvious idea: the social networks’ crypto currencies will only be strengthened in future and they will be used by a growing number of users.

Therefore, I advise those who are just beginning to get acquainted with this topic, make their own list (until it is done by some project) and keep track of the money earned in crypto social networks.

It could be something like this list

actioncoin xxx ACTION
bitlanders xxx gBM
bitradio xxx BRO
bountyhunter xxx BHT
criptosocial xxx CSL
dock xxx DOCK
earn xxx BTC
earncrypto xxx DOGE
empowr xxx EMPOWR COINS
galactikka xxx DIAMONDS
golos xxx GOLOS
infinityloop xxx INCOIN
kaleostra xxx COINTS
kocurrency xxx KOCOINS
memeus xxx T
minds xxx K POINTS
refereum xxx RFR
scrypto xxx DP
selfllery xxx YOU
sola xxx SOL
steemit xxx STEEM
subha xxx DINAR
theviralexchange xxx BLITZ
viberate xxx VIB xxx VIU
wildspark xxx AMP
wowapp xxx WOWcoin
xenzuu xxx XP
yours xxx BCH
zonto xxx ZONTO

Or you can make your own list. In this list not all coins are presented and you can supplement it yourself. Use this information from the list I had created on the eve, I mean catalog which I will update periodically.

By the way, I will be glad if you complete this list, you can write about it in the comments. I will gladly accept all your recommendations on this topic.

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