Coinsns at my PR laboratory

We continue to analyze crypto social networks and today in my PR laboratory a project called Coinsns. I can not say that this is a new crypto social network, but this is the first review of its website that I’m doing now.

The fact is that I can not tell much about this social network. The only thing that functions today is a faucet. There is even not one faucet, but two – one gives satoshi, and another etherium. Moreover, you can receive rewards every 10 minutes.

Your reward in the system depends on the level (there are 30 of them) on which you are located. The level rises depending on your activity in the project – from your visits, faucets claims, from participation in the referral program, etc.

I will regularly tell you the news, although it’s better to follow them independently, in the project’s blog. And I’d better answer questions on this and other crypto social networks. Also you are welcome to leave your comments.

Despite the fact that the website Coinsns exists since 2015, the project is still quite raw, and its creators and developers are experimenting a lot.

System of curation is not presented here, but there is something like a booster – that is a Business account. But at the moment it does not increase earnings, but only allows you to make a promotion of your products and projects.

As I have already said, the faucets here give only Satoshi and Etherium, and there is not yet an own coin for the project.

We will observe this crypto social network, closely monitor the news and its further development.

We strongly recommend you to follow this website in order, not to miss some very interesting and imoirtant information.

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