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If you were inspired yesterday by my article about studying social networks at the University of Crypto Networks, then you can start studying the first subject. It can be called “Subscriptions”.

This is the simplest, but one of the most important tools for the work of a cryptoblogger.

What should you do first? The order of preparatory actions is as follows.

1. Open your mailbox and create a tag there, called, for example, CryptoSocio or something else. This is where all letters and messages from administrations, and all newsletters from crypto social networks will come.

2. Check carefully the complete list of projects that are already active in the market today, as well as a list of potential crypto social networks. All these lists can be found in my catalog on the basis of which you will then make your own.

3. Subscribe to news, newsletters or updates, if this is available in all projects from these lists.

4. When messages on these subscriptions begin to arrive, you either read them immediately and make notes, or allocate time in a weekly chart for their reading. Also you can write your posts and articles, in which you will share information and opinions about these news. By the way, that is how you can earn crypto currency and not think too much about the next topic of the post.

5. If in any of the projects there is no news or administrative newsletters subscription, then check your Profile settings in each of these crypto social networks. Make sure that you agree to receive notifications from the administration on the e-mail, if such option is provided.

6. If none of the above in every of the projects is not presented – this is not a problem. We will find other ways to control the news and updates of absolutely in all crypto social networks.

7. Make sure that all subscriptions are up-to-date. Regularly update and supplement this stream of subscriptions. In this case, you can not only control the situation, but also one of the first to respond to profitable offers, promotions and functional changes. And this all, in turn, affects your income in crypto social networks.

By means of all the actions described above, you will not only be able to study successfully at the University of Crypto Social Networks, but will also become a source of information, that is, a specialist. And this is the most valuable thing. This is what people are ready to pay for today – for informing, for training and, of course, for the time saved.

In the next posts I will tell you about other subjects of training, which will also help you organize your educational process.

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