Today we will continue studying in our virtual University of crypto social networks and the topic of the lesson will be called – Search.

I have no doubt that anyone who is reading these lines now knows perfectly well what Search is and can use it.

What then is the point to explain about this tool? If you really want to achieve success in this kind of activity, then for you there should not be trifles.

Therefore the Search, if used correctly, can also help in this matter.

I recommend spend at least one hour a week to work with the search. This hour is needed at least to understand what’s new happened during this time in the market. It is possible that you have missed something.

In order for the situation to be constantly under control, it is necessary to make a search query “a new social network” and set a period “for the last week”.

If you manage to quickly process even the first few pages of the issue, you can make several more queries with a similar meaning, replacing the words with “community, crypto, social”, etc.

Anything that falls into your field of vision can be added either to your main list of crypto social networks, or to the list of potential projects, or simply added to the “Other” list if the information is useful. I do this approximately as indicated in the directory, so I have nothing to lose.

Once again I want to emphasize that this is the minimum amount of work with a search per week, if you want to control the situation and not to lose your profit.

I do such filters not only in Search, but also on specialized forums. But you can limit yourself to work, for example, with Google search (or some other) in the event that the time is extremely limited.

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