Сointiply at my PR laboratory

Usually I do not add such projects to the full list of crypto social networks. But Cointiply seemed to me a promising service, so I made an exception.

I like projects where the creative team works. And there is no doubt that the creative team is at Сointiply. On the main page of the site there is a section News, Tips & Announcements, which helps to make sure of it.

Next to this section, there is the module Your Activity, through which you can observe all your actions. Despite the fact that this is only a Beta version, everything indicates the long-term and promising nature of the project.

And now, let’s check the presence of traditional signs of a crypto social network.

System of rewards for activity. Сointiply pays for your claims at faucet and for performing simple tasks. With this, everything is clear, the same system exists in EarnCrypto. But unlike EarnCrypto there is some kind of a booster system here.

That is, in Сointiply it is possible to increase power with the help of Mining Game. By the way, there are other games. Fans of games here will surely like it.

Let’s go further. Cryptocurrency of the project. In Сointiply there is no some special coin, although there are Coins in which your activity is measured. The rate of coins is tied to the dollar rate and the withdrawal starts with 35,000.

There are many other positive and interesting things in the project, but it is necessary to say a few words about the shortcomings.

First. There is a lot of advertising in the project. But you have to put up with this, as the creators and organizers earn money at the expense of it, and not at the expense of realizing their own cryptocurrency.

Second. Сointiply can not be called a full-fledged crypto social network, as there is no possibility of communication between users and even the possibility of adding friends.

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